Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell Don’t Have Nannies For Their Twins


Cool! Rebecca and Jerry have 4 1/2 year old twins and apparently have never had any hired help for their child rearing. That is super rare in Hollywood, obviously, because being famous is typically more important than your own kids- duh.

“We’re each other’s assistants. We pick up each other’s slack. Whoever is less busy helps the busier one: ‘Can you go pick up this for me?’ or ‘Can you book my flight?’” Romijn, 40, says in Redbook‘s August issue.

“That’s what real life is. Once you start paying somebody else to do the grunt work, who are you?”
Adding to the difficult job of managing multiples is Romijn’s work commitments. With the King & Maxwell star shooting on location in Canada, O’Connell is on full-time daddy duty, bringing daughters Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose back and forth from their Los Angeles home to Vancouver to visit their working mama.

But, due to the couple’s “very different” approaches to raising their 4½-year-old girls, watching O’Connell step up to the parenting plate hasn’t always been easy. Fortunately, Romijn has realized handing over the reins isn’t always a recipe for disaster.

“It’s hard for me to not make suggestions when I’m not on duty. For example, 10 days ago when he was bringing the girls up to Vancouver, I was like, ‘Oh, God, he cannot forget their jackets. I have to remember to tell him to bring rain boots,’” she says.

“Then I told myself: ‘He knows what the weather is like in Vancouver.’ Meanwhile, he showed up with one pair of shoes each, two pairs of pants, two T-shirts, a sweatshirt and no jacket! This was my worst fear and we were … fine.”

Still, the actress admits jugging both her personal life with her professional career is a constant challenge. “Sometimes I do get a little teary. Jerry and I will see the girls running ahead of us and say, ‘Look at them, they’ll never be this little again — not even 10 minutes from now,’” she says.

It’s kind of sad actually that I find this so awesome. This should be more common than it is among the famous folk. But sadly, it’s not. It’s an everyday thing to see actresses at a playground with their one or two kids and an entourage of nannies leading the way. It’s depressing. That said- Rebecca and Jerry are awesome.


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